Who needs a migraine after surgery?

For those with migraine, the presence of many potential triggers can be a daily minefield.  There are avoidable triggers (certain foods, drinks, activities or habits) and there are unavoidable triggers (menstrual cycle, weather or external stress.)  It’s pretty obvious that something like surgery could be a migraine trigger.  Really any physiologic disruption can trip the […]

The arsenal for a migraine attack

There are headaches and there are headaches.  Almost all of us get them from time to time.  Rarely does it mean something is wrong inside the cranium.  My mentors always told me beware of headaches that are “First, Worst, or Cursed.”  Meaning if a person has lived their life without a single headache and then […]

A MAGNET-icent new way to treat migraine with aura.

I can pretty much count on seeing at least a couple of migraine patients per day in my office practice.  It affects some 15% of the population (more common in women) and is under-diagnosed.  Any recurrent headache that keeps your attention, that is worse with activity, or that makes you feel sick is probably a […]

Neurology meets Consumer Reports.

The American Academy of Neurology (AAN) published its report on the Top 5 “Choosing Wisely” recommendations.  The Choosing Wisely Campaign is a collaboration among neurology (and 15 other specialties), the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation, and Consumer Reports.  The bottom line is that it seeks to identify wasteful or unnecessary tests, with the aim […]