Mid adulthood hypertension associated with later dementia in women.

In a study called Female sex, early-onset hypertension and risk of dementia, researchers followed a group of about 5600 individuals from their 30’s, 40’s and into older age.  While we know that hypertension (high blood pressure) later in life is associated with dementia, the researchers wanted to see if hypertension earlier in life also predicted […]

Exercise to improve cognition.

A small study published in the journal Neurology in November 2016 showed preliminary evidence that a regular exercise routine may help cognition in subjects diagnosed with mild dementia felt to be due to the second most common cause of dementia.  While dementia of the Alzheimer’s type is the most common, Vascular Cognitive Impairment (VC I) comes […]

Blood pressure intervention helps a little with dementia.

A recent trial done by researchers in The Netherlands called Effectiveness of a 6-year multidomain vascular care intervention to prevent dementia (preDIVA): a cluster-randomised controlled trial, looked at a group of subjects age 70-78 who were randomized to a 6-year program of multidomain cardiovascular intervention via frequent contact with study nurses versus typical care.  The idea […]