Video killed the blog star.

Well, as we know radio is still around and so will be this blog. I have made some educational videos, mostly to promote conditions that I see in my White Plains, NY part-time neurology practice as well as in my regular practice in Norwalk, Connecticut. So far topics are:  Migraine, Parkinson’s Disease, and Stroke. They can be seen […]

I’ll gladly exercise now to avoid a stroke later.

It’s fairly obvious that physical fitness is good for many reasons.  Cardiorespiratory fitness that comes from regular exercise has been shown to reduce the risk of stroke.  But in most studies it’s hard to separate the effect of fitness from other risk factors such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease.  The person who […]

Predicting one’s own dementia.

A challenge I have in my practice is when patients report memory problems that are truly not evident to me and clearly not significant enough to affect function.  But are they on to something?  Is this the earliest sign of future cognitive decline and dementia?  Research is mixed about this and it’s a hard matter […]

Bright lights, big city insomnia.

When the environment gets darker at the end of the day, the brain is supposed to get a signal from the eyes to secret melatonin, the sleepy hormone.  What if you live in a city that never sleeps and the streetlights make it seem nearly daytime 24/7?  An interesting question that was looked at by […]