Cardiovascular health may prevent cognitive decline.

The term “synergy” may be overused in the business world but in medicine, we’re still ok with it. I always like to point out ways to affect more than one area with a single effort.  One of my favorite examples is that many migraine preventives also help with sleep or with anxiety.  But that’s another […]

Mediterranean diet improves brain appearance.

I’ve recently written on physical activity and brain appearance: Another study shows exercise may make the brain look better. Physically fit people have better looking….. Brains! Now I came across an article on brain appearance in adherents to the Mediterranean diet.  Published in the journal Neurology late last year, Mediterranean diet and brain structure in a multiethnic […]

DASH to a lower chance of stroke.

The most important risk factor for stroke is hypertension (high blood pressure.)  This is because hypertension is a powerful cause of artery damage that results in stroke and is also common.  Thankfully, there are dozens of cheap medications that can be given to control blood pressure.  Diet also can play a role in blood pressure control […]

Another study shows exercise may make the brain look better.

In a post from last July, I reported that people who performed best on a treadmill test for physical fitness, also had better looking brains with less atrophy – or shrinkage. Another study has a similar finding.  The report called Longitudinal Relationships between Caloric Expenditure and Gray Matter in the Cardiovascular Health Study looked at physical fitness […]