Facts and questions from a blood pressure study.

The question of what is the best blood pressure target is quite old and not very close to being settled.  If you have hypertension (high blood pressure) you may be aware that the guidelines that doctors follow have been a bit confusing lately. In 2014 the JNC-8 guideline indicated a BP target of below 150 […]

Control migraines with lifestyle regularity.

A study presented at the 17th Congress of the International Headache Society looked retrospectively at 100 subjects with chronic migraine (daily headaches) and 100 with episodic migraine.  The chronic migraine sufferers had about 25 headaches per month and the episodic migraine subjects had about 5-6 on average. All subjects were advised to follow a schedule of […]

Stand up more to improve Parkinsons symptoms.

My Apple Watch registers each time I stand up and if I make it through the day standing at least once an hour, it beeps to congratulate me. It turns out that in people with Parkinsons disease, just getting up regularly through the day and doing some non-strenuous activity may help improve motor skills more […]

Resolution time: Diet and exercise to prevent stroke (Part 2)

Here’s part two in the resolutions series:  Exercise.  What’s the data for stroke prevention? In an article called Physical activity in primary stroke prevention: just do it!, authors review the data behind a recommendation to exercise to prevent stroke.  The way we usually talk about this issue is to say that a sedentary lifestyle is a […]

Resolution time: Diet and exercise to prevent stroke (Part 1)

I just uncovered 2 articles in my pile from the journal Stroke published in July of 2015 that seem just perfect for the beginning of a new year. They focus on the science behind benefit or healthy diet and exercise as part of stroke prevention strategy. The first article is called Diet and Stroke: Recent Evidence Supporting […]