Wake up! Be smarter!

More sleep is better right?  Well, maybe up to a point. In an abstract presented at the recent Annual Meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies, investigators recruited 512,000 subjects ranging in age from 15 to around 90 to see how cognitive performance related to sleep duration. The subjects were tested on 3 Lumosity games, […]

Migraines can be triggered by: Lack of stress!

When I see a patient with migraine we talk about trigger-avoidance before talking about medications.  There are many potential triggers for migraine headaches, some of which, like certain foods, drinks, or activities, can be avoided.  The list is different for each person.  Then there are potential triggers that cannot be avoided, including low barometric pressure, […]

The arsenal for a migraine attack

There are headaches and there are headaches.  Almost all of us get them from time to time.  Rarely does it mean something is wrong inside the cranium.  My mentors always told me beware of headaches that are “First, Worst, or Cursed.”  Meaning if a person has lived their life without a single headache and then […]