Finnish study finds four favorable factors for cognition

Finnish investigators identified 1260 study subjects aged 60-77 who had social, lifestyle, and cardiovascular risk factors for dementia. They were enrolled in a study called A 2 year multidomain intervention of diet, exercise, cognitive training, and vascular risk monitoring versus control to prevent cognitive decline in at-risk elderly people (FINGER): a randomised controlled trial. The […]

Anxiety and stressed linked to higher risk of Alzheimers

In an unusually long study, Swedish researchers followed 800 women between the ages of 38 and 54 for 38 years to see who among them developed dementia.  The purpose of the study, called Midlife personality and risk of Alzheimer disease and distress: a 38-year follow-up., was to determine how midlife anxiety and stress related to the […]

Play your cards right – avoid a stroke!

In a study called Healthy diet and lifestyle and risk of stroke in a prospective cohort of women., researchers in Sweden gave lifestyle questionnaires to more than 31,000 healthy women to assess how “low-risk” they were, then followed up with them for 10 years to see how they did.  The low-risk lifestyle elements on the questionnaire […]