Eat fruits and vegetables and maybe avoid a stroke.

The World Health Organization estimated in 2005 that increasing fruit and vegetable consumption to > 600 grams (1.3 pounds) per day would reduce the incidence of stroke worldwide by 19%. Low income countries fall behind in fruit and vegetable consumption.  Chinese researchers combined the data from 20 trials done across the globe, each looking at […]

Factors associated with dementia-related dependence.

In an article called Dementia and dependence: do modifiable risk factors delay disability? published in the journal Neurology, researchers followed almost 5000 people over the age of 65 for up to 12 years to see what factors led to development of cognition-related disability.  All of the subjects started the trial with variable cognitive scores most […]

Vascular risk factors and Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is known for its motor-skill manifestations including tremor, muscle rigidity, and bradykinesia (medical terminology for slowness of movement.)  But another major feature of Parkinson’s disease that is more disabling and more difficult to control is gait instability with risk of falls.  Fall risk and the later development of cognitive decline from Parkinson’s disease […]