Enjoy coffee, tea and chocolate? They may reduce stroke risk.

Coffee, tea, and cocoa have been getting some attention lately as good sources of polyphenols.  Polyphenols in these natural dietary sources may protect against stroke and other vascular diseases by reducing blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, and acting as antioxidants and anti-inflammatories.  Polyphenols also improve the function of the vascular endothelium (the inner layer of blood […]

Stroke falls from number 3 to number 4.

Mortality rates for stroke have been declining steadily since around 1900.  Fewer people over time are dying from stroke.  In 1900, mortality rates for stroke and heart disease were about the same at around 250/100,000 per year.  (Figures standardized to the US standard 2000 population.)  From 1900 to 1968 stroke mortality declined by about 0.5% […]

Learn a second language. Delay dementia.

In a study called Bilingualism delays age at onset of dementia, independent of education and immigration status. researchers looked at records from 648 patients in India with dementia.  Of these, 391 were bilingual and on average developed dementia 4.5 years later than the ones who spoke only one language.  Studying an Indian population was interesting […]