Sleep your way to a lower Alzheimer’s risk?

It is well-recognized that sleep is vitally important for many reasons.  Good sleep helps with the immune system, wound healing, and plays a role in consolidating memory.  Some researchers from the University of Rochester Medical Center have discovered another potential critical function of sleep.  In the study titled:  Sleep drives metabolite clearance from the adult […]

Are men and women treated differently after brain hemorrhage?

An intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH) is one of the most serious problems that humans face.  An ICH is when a small vessel inside the brain ruptures and leaks blood into the brain substance.  The person suffering from an ICH experiences what looks like a stroke with a sudden body malfunction like weakness or trouble speaking, often […]

Do Omega-3 fatty acids delay cognitive aging?

Omega-3 fatty acids are suspected to have numerous health benefits.  Major among the benefits may include cardiovascular protection, as the Omega-3’s can reduce blood pressure, triglicerides and inflammation as well as improve endothelial function.  (The endothelium is the thin shiny inner layer of arteries where all the plaque buildup starts.) Much of the brain is […]

Physical exercise reduces risk of stroke.

In study called Physical activity frequency and risk of incident stroke in a national US study of blacks and whites. (Stroke, September 2013) investigators sent questionnaires to 27,348 people to assess their exercise habits.  They were asked to estimate how many times per week they exercised to the point of working up a sweat.  The […]

Melatonin for migraine prevention?

When I see patients with migraine, we review the three pillars of treatment: Identification and avoidance of triggers. Quick use of the abortive medication of choice (triptan, ibuprofen, etc.) Daily preventive medication if frequency and severity of episodes warrants. I find the best medications to lower the frequency of migraine headaches are tricyclic antidepressants (nortriptyline […]

Interesting and confusing data about dementia.

Information from studies presented at the 2013 Alzheimer’s Association International Conference | AAIC : 1.  Investigators from Albert Einstein College of Medicine presented data suggesting that feeling stressed was associated with future development of cognitive decline.  The authors followed 528 normal elderly study subjects who had completed a survey called the Perceived Stress Scale (PSS), […]